Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving Dance Activity: I Am Thankful For . . .


Here is a short dance activity that I often use as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches.  

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, because it is very simply about giving thanks for our blessings, being together with family, and of course, sharing a delicious meal.  It is the time in northern climates when winter is making its presence known, so cool nights and warm fires are often a part of the Thanksgiving holiday.

When I present this activity, I usually start with the children sitting in a circle.  We discuss different aspects of the holiday, such as the weather, different foods the children like, etc. Then I pass out crayons or markers, along with a prepared sheet of paper (see template below), to each child.  I read the poem at the top, then I ask them to draw something they are thankful for, either something they talked about in the circle, or anything else about Thanksgiving. I give them some time to work on their drawings.  

I collect the children's drawings, then I turn on some music (see suggestions below).   I ask the children to dance about their drawings, or any other aspect of the holiday.

Musical Selections:  

1.  Thanksgiving Day, by Tom Chapin, from the album Mother Earth

2.  Winter, from the Four Seasons, Antonio Vivaldi

3.  Over the River and Through the Woods (several versions are available)

Here is a template of the handout for the lesson:



        The year has turned its circle,                                    Orchards have shared their treasures,
        The seasons come and go.                                           The fields, their yellow grain,
        The harvest all is gathered in                                     So open wide the doorway –
        And chilly north winds blow.                                     Thanksgiving comes again!
                          I AM THANKFUL FOR . . .

                     (Child draws picture here)




I wish everyone a warm and happy holiday!

Keep on dancin',

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