Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Thumbs Up for "Singing in the Rain!"

Teachers "Singing in the Rain" at a conference!
Yup – it’s raining today in Chicago!  Miss Carole of Macaroni Soup here, and though the weather is still blustery, we can still get moving indoors!  My adaptation of the classic “Singing in the Rain” is the perfect combination of movement plus play!

    The National Association for Family Child Care recommends that children be moving for one hour of every five hours in care.  The Australian Department of Health breaks it down even further:  1-5 year-olds should be physically active every day for at least three hours, spread throughout the day.  Our US Health Department Guidelines recommend 60 minutes of “vigorous intensity aerobic, bone and muscle-strengthening activities” per day.

Preschoolers "Singing in the Rain" in a school concert
     Does all that movement have to be hard work? Should it be a chore to be checked off – whew, that’s done?  No!  It doesn’t have to be done all at once – actually it should be broken up in to segments for our youngest children. Let’s start with 20 minutes of music and movement – it’s fun, it’s enjoyable, and so many other skills can be included in the workout!  Vocabulary, memory, cross-lateral movement, early literacy skills, dexterity, balance, appropriate social and emotional interaction – need I go on?
Thumbs up!


 Let’s get moving!  This month I’ve chosen one of my favorites – a re-working of the title song of the movie “Singing in the Rain!”  The original song, written in 1929 by Arthur Freed and Nacio Herb Brown, forms the base for this movement piece.  I couple it with some choo-choo cha-cha’s, and it becomes a hysterical add-on song.  It’s similar to “Tooty Ta” – but different!  It’s also been around longer!  I recorded it on my “Dancing Feet” cd – hear it HERE, or purchase the cd or download it HERE.

          I’m singing in the rain
           Just singing in the rain
           What a glo-ri-ous feeling,
           I’m happy again!

Choo-choo, cha-cha!
 (spoken)  Repeat after me – Thumbs up!

Kids echo:  Thumbs up!
ALL:       Choo-choo, cha-cha, choo-choo, cha-cha, choo-choo, cha-cha!

Add-ons:    Shoulders back
                 Knees together
                 Bottom up
                 Tongue out
                 Eyes closed
Knees together!
MOVEMENTS:  For the verse, stretch arms overhead and sway them side to side.  As sung, put both thumbs up in front of your chest.  Then turn around in place to the beat as you “choo-choo, cha-cha”.  Sing the verse again with arms up.  This time after “thumbs up” add “shoulders back!”  Be sure you keep that position as you choo-choo around in place.

NOTE:  Knees together is probably the hardest movement.  Demonstrate it with your feet slightly apart, knees knocked together!
More choo-choo, cha-cha!

    So much fun for Springtime...
                              and all year long!

Tongue out, eyes closed!

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Contact me!

Tongue out at a library show!

Yours for a Song!
“Miss Carole” Stephens
"Singing in the Rain" from behind!

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