Monday, February 1, 2016

SCECA: Dr. Pam Schiller and SINGING Brain Research!

Dr. Pam Schiller and Debbie Clement

I am just back home in postcard sunny Florida, 
from a five day road trip up to South Carolina. 

I had the opportunity to give the Friday keynote at SCECA. 
Here's a little peak at the space before 
all 1300 dedicated ECE teachers arrived. 

My nerves are always about the technology. 
I'm thrilled to tell you that EVERYthing 
went swimmingly: Diva head-wrap mic and all! 

This is one of my favorite new-to-me quotes that I shared. 

SCECA is one of the most packed events that I've ever presented. 
There was an entire track of workshops daily at 7:00 A.M. 

That's the slot that I had on Saturday. 
To make a long story short...... 
In order to be more efficient with the BIG stage and transitions between presentations, 
I ended up offering my laptop to Dr. Pam Schiller -- 
since I was on the big stage right before her Saturday keynote. 
{That's the two of us together in the opening photo up top.} 

She uploaded her power point onto my laptop. 
She very generously offered an overview of her slides to our readership.

I just absolutely am thrilled that Dr. Pam's 
tip for brain based learning is to SING!  

Dr. Pam spoke at length about providing a classroom with the proper amount of stimulation. 
From an optimal brain and optimal focus strategy, 
she spoke of the detriment of classrooms that are TOO much and how the young child can be overwhelmed by walls covered in information. 

I especially appreciated her point of having the necessary information 
(on the walls) 
for the lesson at hand. 

Her fifth point is fairly self explanatory. 
Having a 'formula' for expectations for 'focus time'
is a HUGE help. 

I have seen all together too many 'circle times' that are designed around a twenty minute time block --
for children four years old.

Having show and tell, calendar, jobs etc etc etc 
can go w-a-y past the optimal one minute per year, times three. 

As a lover of color, 
I thought I'd also include her #8 tip on the use of color. 
This ties in very closely with #4 above on proper use of stimulation. 

One of my favorite things about presenting at conferences, 
is the opportunity to mix and mingle and catch up with the other presenters. 
Dr. Pam has such a BIG heart and I learn from her -- 
every time we are together! 
Thanks again for the use of your slides for our readers here, Pam. 

On a personal note, 
we got to stop through my parents in Augusta, GA 
going north and returning south. 

My parents each had a birthday last month, 
so we were able to celebrate together. 

My Orlando school visit: sharing my fabric quilt and my book's illustration 

Until next month! 
Debbie Clement

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