Monday, January 25, 2016

What is the Value in Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is coming soon.  And, as with most of the other holidays in early childhood, there are those who say "Don't celebrate it" and others who are fine with it.  Well, here's my opinion.  (If this isn't your first time to one of my blogs, you know that I'm not shy when it comes to giving one.)

Children notice what is going on around them.  They see the decorations, the cards, the flowers and candy; and, they want to be a part of it.  It isn't the holiday that should present any issues; it's the way it is presented.

When I discuss Valentine's Day, I tell the children I get excited to let the people I love know how much they mean to me.  I make sure that we also talk about how you should let people you love know as often as you can; it's just that this day is set aside for especially doing that.

    Then, we sing this song..........

                       Five Valentines

after which, we discuss, "Who was given Valentines in this song?", "Who would you give a Valentine to?" (You can use this opportunity to graph people's answers.)  After that, we make Valentines.
                                             Here's a simple pop-up card to make.


In this video, we learn to sign "I love you" and "Happy Valentine's Day".  The finger signing would be too fast for most children.  It's there so it can be seen.  The shortened form of "I love you" is easier to teach and they LOVE learning it.  My children especially love when I throw the kiss at the end.   (And, I love catching the ones they throw back!)

Remember to always let the people in your life know you care about them.  Sometimes, Mr. Froggy gets 'tired' of waiting for a hug.  Will you send him one now?

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