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Hi!  My name is “Miss Carole” Stephens of Macaroni Soup – Active Music for Active Learners! 

Yes, yes – you’ll get new Songs for Winter Weather in this blog – but first, in this season of thankfulness, I want to highlight a few reasons I feel so blessed to do the work that I do, share the life that I live and wake up every day excited about what it may hold!  These people are what keep me going:


- My own (Camden and Greg) who have been great companions on this eventful journey. I am proud of the adults you have become!
- My students – the thousands of little ones who have sung, danced and played with me in 25 years of teaching. I am pleased to say that it’s been a privilege to touch my toe to my nose with you during “Sticky Bubble Gum”, and mix up a pretty “Stinky Cake!”

Touching my toe to my nose - I've still got it!

Stinky Cake - ewe!

the legions of teachers who come (and keep coming back) to my workshops, the EC educators who work with me in schools, the incredible Children's Music Network and my fellow presenters at conferences who welcome me into the fold.

3. MY HUSBAND yup, Jim didn’t know what he was getting into 9+ years ago – but I’m so thankful that all this whacky music-making didn’t scare him away!

OK – enough sappy stuff – I THANK EVERYONE who has encouraged me to keep doing what I do!  Now come’on, Miss Carole – let’s get singing!
   Here in Chicago we expect cold and snow – but not really for Halloween (really, Mother Nature – that was nasty!) Pulling out the gloves and ear muffs before Thanksgiving?  Not amusing! SO, let’s get even, and be ready with songs and movement activities that will warm up the coldest day, brighten up the dreariest skies and put a smile on everyone’s faces!
    ALL of this month’s songs can be heard on my “Season Sings” cd – hear the clips to get started – or you can order the cd on my website.

    The tune is familiar to many – “The Farmer in the Dell”. It’s a zipper song – sing the verse over and over, but zip in a new movement each time!  Easy and fun!
LYRICS:  We’re marching in the snow
            We’re marching in the snow
            Hi Ho! The wind will blow!
           We’re marching in the snow!

I love to add these verses: skating on the snow, running in the snow, rolling in the snow, tiptoe-ing on the snow – and you can add your own verses!

    Yes – another familiar tune: “Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes”.  I suggest making pictures of each piece of clothing to string together to “read” left to right before starting to sing this one!  Then tap the part of the body that each piece of clothing is worn on as you sing.  Clap your hands on the beat during “When it’s cold and we go outside to play.” 

LYRICS:  Hat and jacket, pants and boots-
               Pants and boots!
               Hat and jacket, pants and boots-
               Pants and boots!
               When it’s cold and we go outside to play,
               We wear hat and jacket, pants and boots-
               Pants and boots!
    Start singing this song slowly, speeding up with each repetition!  It’s a favorite!

BUILDING A SNOWMAN (Part one of the “Snowman Trio”)
    This little movement piece should be done in a teacher led/child echo style.
LYRICS:  Head ball!     (echo)
               Belly ball!     (echo)
               Bottom ball!  (echo)
               DONE!     (echo)
               Building a snowman…(echo)
               Is SOOOO much fun! (echo)

Head ball – stretch arms overhead, fingertips touching
Belly ball – swing arms down to cradle tummy
Bottom ball - drop hands to floor
Done! – Straighten up, clap hands once.
Building a snowman – roll hands in front of body
Is SOOO much fun – wave hands wildly overhead!

    We can never do this just once in my classes – there’s always “again!” The second time around, you might build a SNOWGIRL!  We do!

OK – now you’re ready!  You can do these songs in Florida or Southern California – no snow needed! Hey – send me a picture of your kids doing one of these songs!  I’ll post it on my FB page: Macaroni Soup with Miss Carole. LIKE me there, please!
    I've just returned from Dallas and this year's NAEYC Conference!  It was a stupendous experience - hugs to the hundreds of teachers who made my workshop one for the memory books!  Can't wait til next year!

    Stay warm - keep moving - and singing!
Yours for an-awfully-early Winter-y Song!
Miss Carole


  1. Great post, Ms. Carole! We're thankful for you - and your great ideas that will
    soon be invigorating classrooms everywhere - and make us not mind (as much) that it's cold

    1. Since you're probably seeing the same snowflakes that I am, Brigid, I know you'll be singing about it this week!

  2. Thank you for posting these wonderful ideas. Kids are going to enjoy this activites.


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