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SUMMER! *FREEBIE* Download Printables!

Summer Subway FREEBIE Printable at PreK+K Sharing
Click right here to get your *FREEBIE* printable.

It's JUNE! Bring on SUMMER!!! 
I suppose that today is not truly the official beginning of summer, but it feels like it to me! June 1st is something akin to New Year's Day for me and perhaps for a lot of teachers as well. If school isn't officially completed for you yet, this side of the world is in the final stretch. So what do you have on your agenda personally and professionally for the months at hand? 

The ubber famous Deanna of "Mrs. Jump's Class" is having a 'linkie' of the "10 Things I want to Do This Summer" and that seemed a fitting structure to pull together my thoughts this month. I have a lot of excitement on the horizon and so this month I really want to regroup & relax! 

#1. We have recently celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary and my dear sweet hubby has also 'officially' retired. In celebration of all of that goodness, we have just purchased a BOAT!!! I want to spend time zipping about our peninsula haven, soaking up blue skies and packing them away for a rainy day. Here's my maiden voyage, just a couple days ago. Look closely at the picture down in the lower, left hand corner. YES!! That's an entire bank of SNOW still hanging on a cliff in Horseshoe Bay in the state park. Seeing snow on May 29th was cra-cra! {We're up in Door Co. WI and we will zip about on Green Bay.} 

Photo: Incredible afternoon! Picture PERFECT for my maiden voyage in our new boat! That is the lighthouse in Peninsula State Park. Why yes!!!! That is a whole bank of SNOW on May 29th on Horseshoe Bay! Gotta LUV northern WI!!!

2. This is my summer to rejuvenate my creative roots!!! An interesting thing happened on my Instagram account about a week ago. I snapped a photo for #WIDN {what I'm doing now} of a little 'sketchie-sketch' I was playing with and people LIKED it. They were so supportive and complimentary. I've decided that it is *high* time I start having more fun with drawing and coloring! So I have made a 'coloring page' for YOU to have some fun, too! This summer I plan to DRAW on the boat while hubster fishes. Now I need to 'color' this myself! 

You can download my playful 'drawing' for your coloring pleasure and the Summer subway Art printable that opens this article over at our Early Education Emporium. {I'm uploading these pdfs right now. Stay tuned. I hope to have it all sorted out by this evening. I will insert the links when they're ready.} 

Tulips, Time and Legacy: Thank you Maya Angelou by Debbie Clement
We are in the middle of a creative vortex of opportunity. I intend to work hard at having my camera batteries ready, and memory card installed. 

3. In pursuit of shaking up my creative capabilities, I intend to *READ* more. I am getting started with this set of easy reads from Austin Kleon. I have finished the first and ready to launch into "Show Your Work." Maybe I can read it on the boat this week! [Do you sense a pattern emerging?] 

Here's Austin's TedTalk on Creativity. 

I recently put together a "Slideshare" on Creativity and want to get the second installment on Young Children done this month. I had included a couple of Maya Angelou's quotes and I offer them here in honor of her flight to heaven. 

Here's the Slideshare itself. There are another 50+ quotes and my photographs combined. 

Quotation Collection, Part 1: Arts & Creativity Gathered by Debbie Clement from Debbie Clement

4. Summer means spending time with our WonderPeeps {grandchildren} and we have planned a trip to Ohio for their EPIC birthday celebration, in just a couple weeks. Here we are together on Mother's Day. Hard to believe the WonderTwins are headed to FIRST grade! 

Photo: Three generations of happiness for Mother's Day.... Complete with some sun!


Speaking of the WonderTwins..... at some unknown date this summer "OUR" two videos are going to be released by Zaner-Bloser. I have seen the work-in-progress and it is REALLY exciting! In speaking to my connection at ZB the intention is that both videos will be *F*R*E*E* to the cyber connected. Trust me. There will be a party this summer when I have links to share! Cute animation! Get the confetti ready! 

6. Healthy Choices! 
Just like with New Year's Resolutions..... I want to continue making progress on my healthy habits and choices this summer. June means YOGA class! Walking our village. Drinking more water. Eating more veggies. Getting to the farm market for locally grown goodies. All the basics. I just had an article on using magnets for keeping track of social media interaction. I'm using a variation on that theme, to track my good choices progress. Pssssst. I've lost five pounds since January! 

Social Media Magnetic Abacus: Tangible Tracking for the Easily Distracted at RainbowsWithinReach

I have a HUGE honor and opportunity to give the opening *KEYNOTE* for the National Association for Family Childcare's NATIONAL Annual Conference. SO THRILLED! SO VERY EXCITED!! Come join us!  

NAFCC: National Conference, Orlando "Many Right Ways" Debbie Clement Keynote

8. East Tennessee Summer Keynote! 
A week later I will be giving the closing *KEYNOTE* at the Annual Early Childhood Conference in TN! Any chance we can meet up there? Can you believe that I have never met Jack Hartmann? Pete-the-Cat will also be presenting in the body of Michael Levine. 

#9. Re-ENERGIZE my/our blogging! 

Summer is always my best time to focus on blogging, which means to focus on sharing. I am also making a commitment to you, our dedicated readers, to go recruit some 'new' authors here and get them mixed into the monthly fun. 

I just did my first MAMMOTH-MAJOR Summer RoundUP on my blog and have gathered up well over 100 Graphs and Diagrams that I have photographed over the last year of my school visits. You're going to want to take a look this summer -- while you have time and then re-ENERGIZE your graph making as a result of all this inspiration. 

Graph & Diagram RoundUP: 125 Ideas from REAL Classrooms at RainbowsWithinReach 

I do have a couple of printable *FREEBIES* for this time of year. If you still have a couple more days of school this week, you may still be in need of an EOY poem printable. I wrote this one last year. Here's the link to the FREEBIE printable. 

And here's a FREEBIE Printable for Father's Day! 


We're going to HAWAII for the first time. I promise to do all sorts of reading up about the island of Kauai! I have to accomplish the first 9 steps in the list and we'll go to Hawaii in August as a *reward.*

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