Friday, May 3, 2013

Happy Mother's Day -- Around the World

Happy Mother's Day from the Beezy Teacher, teaching Kindergarten in Germany

Take a look at these kinder-made 'mommies'  that are relaxing around our classroom! Look closely and you'll notice that they are clothed in pages of 'samples' from a wallpaper book. 

At the heart of every cultural family is a mother whose words speak a universal language of love, whose actions build a lasting foundation and inspiration that will last a lifetime.

Every child wonders what the world is like beyond their own borders and provides a window into the lives of their fellow children. Children will discover, there are similarities in the way mothers do for their children all over the world.  How do mothers and children around the world differ in their lives? Children will discover that life in other nations is often very much the same from their own. Hopefully it will inspire them to be better global citizens and to appreciate all moms of the world. 

This is truly a simple activity that makes an excellent Mother’s Day gift for a mother from a child who enjoys reading and who enjoys being read to. 

My "Mothers of the World" digital product includes:
A black and white gift book to color, that the children can put together
Cultural dolls to build on cardboard towel rolls 

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