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BURRRRRRRRRRRR!  It’s COLD outside in some parts of the USA.  When January arrives we think SNOW in Indiana and it hit hard in the middle of the state this year.   I am in Florida where there is NO SNOW but children still know about the weather and good snowy weather stories can be shared and activities created so children understand about temperatures and snow.

As a child and when working with children over the past 40 years there is nothing more exciting than making snow ice cream.  If you are in an area where you get snow don’t miss this opportunity.  Remember, don’t use the first snow of the season……………my mama always said God had to clear the atmosphere and lots of things are in the first snow. 
Also, watch out for yellow snow……………….don’t use yellow snow (some animals relieved themselves).

Determine how much snow you will need in a large bowl.  Add cream and a teaspoon of vanilla (I always use real vanilla).  Mix and serve.  YUmmmmmmm!

Crayola Model Magic 2 Lb Bucket
Provide a nice amount of model magic for each child.  Rolling mats make the rolling and sculpting easier.  Also, provide plastic tools and invite the children to use their imagination. 

 This four year old said this would be boring and he had his electronic game in hand. I just placed a hunk of Model Magic on the table and the other child started creating a snowman. Within one minute the electronic game was the boring item on the table.

Making alphabet letters to spell his name COLE!

Big brother rolling Model Magic to spell his name Liam!

Snowflakes can be sculpted and allowed to dry.  Place a paper clip in the top of the snowflake and allow it to dry.    The snowflakes can be hung in a window using suction cups. Someone said I needed to take pictures of every part of this process………………………..BUT, I feel like as adults you can follow directions and then add your own touches to this and any project.  Model Magic can be painted with water color or acrylic paints

FAMILY NOTE: Send a note home explaining the sculpting process and invite the parents to do this project at home.

NEWS: The Pre-K and K Sharing now has a web site filled with items that many of the authors have created.  Check it out at

Enjoy the winter no matter where you live!!!

Mary Jo is a visiting author and storyteller.  Call to discuss a visit to your area for a presentation for children or a professional developmenbt training for staff.

Mary Jo Huff
Author, Storyteller, Song Writer

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  1. Enjoyed seeing how engaged this young child was with this kinesthetic inquiry based and fun filled activity as compared to an electronic game. Thanks for putting this out there!


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