Sunday, November 11, 2012

A salute to all the VETERANS for what they have given to this great country.  A special thanks to my own Jar Head who spent 8 years serving his country.  I learned a lot in those early years and my heart and thanks goes out to every VETERAN and their family.

Pre-K Hand & Foot Print Flag
Thanks Connie Sanders @ Austin Peay Child Learning Center
Clarksville, Tennessee
I visited a school in Arkansas where the pictures of children and their family members, who were serving in the military or someone in the family who was a veteran, were displayed on the entrance walls.  It was extremely touching.


5 Fat turkeys are we
We slept all night in the tree
When the cook came around
We couldn’t be found
So, that’s why we are here you see!

This is a great puppet to send home with the children and add a turkey poem or song.  This is what you need:
1 craft stick
1 brown coffee filter
Markers & hole punch
1 orange pipe cleaner cut in half
brown construction paper square
for child to design a head

The children will use the markers to design feathers on the coffee filter.  Fold the filter in half and glue.  Glue the craft stick to back all the way to the top of the filter.  Add head and pipe cleaners through the holes made with the hole punch.  Add the child’s name ……example (Jason Turkey)…….a kid friendly project.


As this time of the year approaches there is always a buzz about the annual NAEYC conference.  This year it was in Atlanta and the conference was filled with the best of the best.  The VERY BEST is seeing old friends from around the world.  Spending a full day in the exhibit hall is always a top priority. I had the privilege to present a PUPPET PLAY workshop with over 300 in attendance and we jived.  I left with a great feeling in my heart.
 Let me introduce you to some of my favorite people.


Thousands gathered to hear Mem Fox read some of her favorite stories and to explain to the massive audience how important WORDS are to children and their development.  You should own her books and have them available for yourself and for the children.

This gentle man sings for all children and has produced a 30 minute show filled with songs and it can be viewed at and select the Video-On-Demand feature.  On the next page type Songs from the Circle.
His web site is

by Eric Litwin

This is Eric Litwin signing my copy of Pete the Cat to Grandma Dodie…..and I will cherish this book.  I rode on the elevator and said “Are you Pete the Cat Eric?” and we both laughed.  He is an educator, musician, author and true entertainer. 

Books you gotta have to read, sing, and play with children.
I am glad there is no word count on this great site because I had so much to share this time.  I will check in again on Dec. 11, 2012 and today on Nov. 11 I want to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my grandson Liam………..who is 7 on this great 11/11 day.  This did not get posted until late today because I was traveling home from Atlanta.  I am thankful for each and every one of you connected to Early Childhood education.

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