Sunday, February 12, 2012

For the Love of Lesson Plans!

I am sure you are expecting a good ole lovey dovey Valentine’s post this bright and beautiful morning but instead I thought I would share with you something that I do NOT love to dolesson plans! You too?  I feel like it is a great big juggling act that I must put tons of thought into because I have so much to teach but I also want my lessons to be fun and engaging for my students. How do you put all of that down on paper? 

Well, it is not always easy peasy like I wish it was. Sometimes, it’s written in tiny font and I feel like I need to bust out the magnifying glass just to read it. I think in education it is important to have a “plan” but I also believe in the teachable moment. Those are the moments when you see a child’s light bulb start to flicker and you seize the moment to turn it on. Now that makes my heart smile! Unfortunately, I feel like that can be tough to fit into lesson plans sometimes but if you are going to follow the child, you must make room. 

Today I thought I would share my schedule with you and a blank lesson plan sheet to show you how I plan out my week.  I have individual plans for each lesson, but this helps me to focus on each daily goal.  I am sure there are better plans floating around in cyberspace, but this works for me. J When teaching any grade level, I think it is important to have goals and then have a plan to attain them. This is a key part in measuring success. If you don’t know where you are going, how can you plan to get there? J How will you know that you are successful if you don’t have a goal? I know even on the pre-k and kindergarten levels we feel the pressure of standardized tests and school achievement goals.   When the pressure gets to you, take a deep breath, step back and look at the little picture. Yes, I said little. Our job is to love and teach our little darlings everything we possibly can during the short time we have them.  And, if we stay organized, take time to plan, and focus on what is going on in our own classrooms, we will make a difference in the life of a child. 

So, here’s to fabulous lesson plans and a daily schedules that meet the needs of your class family. J Happy Valentine’s Day and in case someone hasn’t told you today, thank you for the love you give to children every day. You are making a difference in our world!  

Stop by my blog and  say hi! If you are looking for something sweeter, I have several Valentine goodies posted this week. J


  1. I love your lesson plan format, it makes me miss teaching my Kindergarten class. I think some parents might not realize how much you are fitting into their child's day every day all week long. I find that the teachable moments are more frequent when everything else is well planned!

  2. Hi kreative in kinder,
    I have been following your blog for a while and am so excited to share with you my newly finished blog! Come check it out:


  3. Thank you for sharing! I always love to see what other teachers are doing and when they are doing them! Also, love to see the layout...I am forever changing the layout of my lesson plans and rearranging my schedule to try to best fit the needs of my students and making sure I use my time efficiently! So THANK YOU!

  4. It looks like you have a great format for your lesson plans, Crystal! Thanks so much for sharing. I stumbled your post! Deb @


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