Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Celebrating SNOW!!!

SNOW, SNOW, SNOW where is the snow?  Southern Indiana has seen only a few flakes of the soft, floating on air, white covering and it does not seem like winter.  I visited a center in Florida and they had to make winter.  A large truck brought in shaved ice and the children experienced the cold and wet as they played in the make-shift snow.  It became a science lesson along with the play experience.

The center was decorated with snowmen and they were awaiting a visit from their northern friend Mary Jo.   Even though they live in the best sunshine of the world they understood winter.



What can you do when there is no snow?  Go to and get snow, lots of snow and have a  snow day with the children.

 Snow Kit on Spangler Web Site
 Enjoy your winter no matter where you live and read stories like THE SNOWMEN at NIGHT.  Invite children to a special movie day.  Give them real tickets, put popcorn in cut off bags and show the the video THE SNOWMAN.  It is amazing to watch the children as they become captivated by the wordless video.

Even though next month is still winter I am sure we can warm your hearts with lavish Valentine fun!


  1. I just love to see big snowflakes falling from the sky, for it seems to put my mind into such a tranquil state, but unfortunately, this winter, I believe I only saw this one time.

  2. What fun ideas, Mary Jo! We typically get snow in Colorado every winter, but I love the idea of a winter movie day anywhere with The Snowman video! I pinned your post to my Kids' Winter Activities Pinterest board at


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