Friday, December 16, 2011

Miss Carole's "Ring Those Bells"

Participation in music changes lives! 

Bold statement?  NO!  It's supported by current brain and neurological research, classroom teachers and parents around the world.  Through my company, Macaroni Soup! I make music accessible for adults of all abilities working with young children of all abilities.
As a toddler I sang along with Mitch and danced along with Lawrence Welk!  Now I teach all over the world through classes, workshops and concerts.  I provide developmentally appropriate music and movement activities (with my 6 cd's as resources) for anyone who works with young children.

RING THOSE BELLS            (tune:  Jimmy Crack Corn)
Hear this on my website where it was the Song of the Month Dec'08:  

LYRICS:         Ring those bells and turn around
                       Ring those bells and turn around
                       Ring those bells and turn around
                       For wintertime is here!

        Verse 2:  Ring those bells and stamp your feet!
        Verse 3:  Ring those bells and jump up high!
        Verse 4:  Ring those bells and touch your toes!
        Verse 5:  Ring those bells and turn around.

MOVEMENTS:  This one is easy - just do the movement the song suggests!  Add your own movements to fit the abilities of the children participating.  Helpful hints:
        Verse 1:  Ring, then turn only on the words "turn around".  Children lose their equilibrium if they spin
                      for the whole verse!
        Verse 2:  Ring ring ring, Stamp stamp stamp - get the beat in their feet with 3 distinct stamps
        Verse 3:  Start with hands low to the ground to get a good spring up - repeat with each line.
        Verse 4:  Start with hands overhead to get a good stretch as your fold over and reach for your toes.
REMEMBER:  Children look to adults to model the movements - do the song WITH them!
While doing this song you're getting lots of learning opportunities:  beat work, prop handling, coordination, exercise, listening and doing, and singing!

BELLS:  I use sturdy quality bells on a velcro wristband (Item#RB811CS) or hand-held bell rings (Item#RB839) from Rhythm Band Inc:

Note:  Be careful when choosing bells for young children.  No matter how many times you tell them the bells are not to eat, they may try to put them in their mouths.  Choose well-made bells that will not come off their holders and become a choking hazzard.
My 4 - 6 year olds string 4 bells on an elastic cord for bell bracelets - I double-knot them and add a touch of hot glue on the knot!
For more information on the use of bells and a little "jingling" history, go to my Dec '08 SOTM webpage!Now ring out the old year - and ring in the new!

Yours for a Song!
                         Miss Carole (Peterson) Stephens
Here's my website: Macaroni Soup!


  1. Ooh. You've almost talked me into it. That looks like so much fun:)

    Grade ONEderful

  2. I LOVE songs and activities like this ... thanks so much for sharing! I was a Lawrence Welk child, too! I pinned your post to my Kids' Christmas Activities Pinterest board at

  3. Thanks, Deb. I'm getting ready to ring bells tonight!


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