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Free Math Activities 1-10 for Pre-K and Kindergarten

Free Math Activities 1-10 for Pre-K and Kindergarten

And now with 11-20, also!  Scroll down!

This is Carolyn Wilhelm, and I'm back with this month's freebie. There are two different PDFs, so scroll down to see both printables: 1-10 and 11-20.

This PDF is a 70 page printable with several kinds of number activities for use with Pre-K, K and 1. Included are pages with 5 and 10 frames, math cubes (paper dice), graphing, tallies, coins, Sudoku, and different ways to represent numbers. There are pocket chart cards for teacher use, making matching sets, or for subatizing practice.  

The activities may be set up different ways depending on the needs of your classroom.  This set up could either use the number word cards, or not.  This is a possible set up for the fives frames.  

free five frames math activities set up on tray, photo of pages in use
Here are the fives frames in use.  By just providing 5 two-colored counters, the students will be successful.  
free five frames printable in use, demo picture
Here is a the coin cube and graphing activity in use.  There are two different options included.  
free coin math cube activity with graphing, photo

Learning about 5 and 10 in early education is so important. Children may be able to count to 5 and 10, but being able to recognize numbers in the forms of dice, tallies, coins, place value blocks, and other math manipulatives is required learning prior to being able to add numbers and coins.  

I always like to read a story prior to math activities such as these.  For this printable, although the books are not required for use, I found two good stories by Trudy Harris. First, TALLY CAT KEEPS TRACK, helps give the idea of tallies some context for children to understand why on earth they have to learn this (besides the fact they are in the curriculum).  This is a fun story and would be good to read before studying tally marks.  
TALLY CAT Keeps Track, math book about tallies for Pre K-Gr. 1, by Trudy Harris, book cover

Then, I read JENNY FOUND A PENNY, also by Trudy Harris.  This story begins when Jenny finds a penny and begins saving.  She earns more coins by doing chores, and finally she has a dollar.  At the dollar store, however, she can't pay the seven cents tax for a dollar purchase.  It is a children's book, so it all works out, and she begins saving all over again by the end of the story.  This book has a wide edge on each two-page spread with pictures of the coins being discussed in the story, so children could match real coins to the pictures.  At the Pre-K level, we aren't concerned about much more than naming and matching coins. In Kindergarten, pennies and nickels could be counted.  The book would work well under a document camera. 
JENNY FOUND A PENNY math coin counting story by Trudy Harris, book cover
Here is the numbers 1 to 10 math activities.  I hope you find something helpful in this printable. 
math activities page photos illustrating the pages

free numbers 11-20 printable, cover photo

Thank you for reading!
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  1. Thanks so much for generously sharing your printables, Carolyn! These could be very helpful throughout the school year ... I'm already thinking about President's Day with the coin cube and graphing! I featured your printables as the Free Printable(s) of the Day at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page and on Pinterest. :)

  2. Thank you so much, Deb. I caught an error (no one complained yet) but as I am working on the numbers 11-20 version, I saw it. It is reuploaded at the same link so redownloading will provide the edited version. Good grief, I can't count! :-)

  3. That's great. I have come to see the benefits of tutorials after I have my child enrolled for pre-k tutoring. They taught him well and he's really doing great in school.

  4. I am a new teacher this year and have a wonderful Dual Language First Grade class. This has been such a wonderful blessing and I know my kids that are struggling are going to love your teaching tools. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful printables. I know you are blessed!!!

  5. Wow! How nice of you to offer these as freebies! Thanks bunches!!!

  6. Thank you. So glad you went down to the five frame as well as the ten frame.


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