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Free Calendar Numbers

Free Full Year of Calendar Numbers 

Here is your freebie from Wise Owl Factory just for the Pre K and K Sharing blog.  This month, I was reading the GATHERING:  A NORTHWOODS COUNTING BOOK by Betsy Bowen.  I decide a whole year of calendar pieces all at once would be a better help for teachers who have downloaded my other calendar pieces a month or two at a time. 

We are living in Northern Minnesota, Grand Marais to be exact, and winter seems so long here.  This book was written by Betsy Bowen who also lives near Grand Marais, and she wrote and illustrated this story that begins in May and ends in December.  The page after December mentions counting the days until spring, and we certainly do!  The book is full of her warm memories of good times in the woods with family and friends, beginning with the number zero.  Zero for a temperature of zero which is frequent during winter.  Three is for summer memories collected during the short summer months to help make it through the cold winter.

Nine is for the nine extension cords her family would lay end to end, to reach all the way from the house down the path to the engine heater in the truck. The extension cords would also allow them to hang Christmas lights from the trees along the way, so they knew where to walk during the dark days of winter. Twelve is for twelve inches of snow, and there is at least that much here now with another snow storm approaching tonight. 

Discussions of time reach higher level thinking skills with children, who one day realize that looking back at fun things that happened, seems shorter than looking forward to events (such as their own birthdays).  Anticipating something good that will happen in a few weeks or months can seem like forever, just like waiting for spring in the north woods. Calendar activities are very important during the preschool through primary grades as children are beginning to build understanding of the concepts of time.

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Common Core standards addressed during calendar time each day can include: 
 Counting and Cardinality
• Know number names and the count sequence.

2.  Count forward beginning from a given number within the known
sequence (instead of having to begin at 1), as we often count "how many more days until . . . "

b. Understand that the last number name said tells the number of
objects counted. We often turn over only the number of days so far elapsed in the month, turning over one more each class day. 
Operations and Algebraic Thinking 
5. Fluently add and subtract within 5.  We are often in school for five day weeks, and children become expert at knowing how many days are left in the week before the weekend starts.  

The headers in this printable can be cut and arranged to make a full topper for your calendar display.  

I have included the AB, ABC, and ABBC patterns because we are so used to using them, but I realize such patterning is no longer a standard.  However, the focus can then be on the shapes or colors included in these calendar pieces.  Many math problems can be based on calendar activities, depending on which calendar program the school follows.  

I hope you enjoy the freebie! I highly recommend Betsy Bowen's book, THE GATHERING, for children learning about months of the year and how to count.
Carolyn Wilhelm
Wise Owl Factory


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome calendar printables, Carolyn! I love that you put them all together in a download! I started a new Pinterest board and pinned your post to my Calendar Activities for Kids at

  2. Dear Deb: Thank you so much! Actually, I have a bunch more but they are included in other printables. I can save separately and make a post. I know people look for them and get confused. Thanks so much.

    I love the President's Day post you wrote, incredible. Your posts are fabulous. When I grow up (ha ha) I'll writes lessons like that!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, Carolyn! I'm waiting to grow up, too! ;)

      I featured your post as a Free Printable of the Day at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page and on Pinterest at

  3. Great calendar printables!!!Thank you so much, I've been searching for this and finally found it today!!! Well I guess better late than never. Now I can get started for the next year '13-'14!!! I am new to Kinder this year. I taught a Kinder/1st Grade class and I appreciate your blog so I can learn so much. I look forward to visiting this site while I'm off! Awesome site!

  4. Hi, Jennifer, I didn't see this over the summer. I am glad to provide freebies. Have a great school year!


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