Wednesday, December 26, 2012

build a lego table for your classroom!

Happy Boxing Day! I hope you and your family had an amazing holiday season! I wanted to share a little something different on PreK and K Sharing today, a project I made for my son for Christmas...but could easily be replicated by YOU for your classroom!

LEGOS. I love them, but oh my, my vacuum loves them too (and so does my 1 year old, who in turn loves to destroy my 4 year old's creations.) I looked at Lego tables and they are EXPENSIVE! I built this one for under $30.

For this project you need:
1 LACK side table from IKEA ($7.99)
1 TROFAST bin from IKEA ($3.99)
1 LEGO play plate from Target ($12.99)
Loctite Stick N Seal (you can also use Earthquake Putty) ($3.29)

While you're at IKEA, you need to go to the Returns desk and ask if you can purchase (or have) a set of the TROFAST rails. They are plastic. At my IKEA they gave them to me. They are made to screw into the TROFAST system (obviously) but you can use the Loctite to glue them to the underside of your table for some storage!

Use the Loctite Stick N Seal to also glue down the LEGO play plate to the top of the table. It takes about 24 hours to completely dry.

 My son is still obsessed with Matchbox cars, so I used a silver Sharpie and a ruler to make dashed lines   on the table around the large LEGO piece. Now he can drive his cars around his creations!
 And one of the best parts?! The storage bin underneath *should* be an easy place to keep all his unused pieces and parts. I suppose I'm dreaming of a LEGO utopia or something, right?!
If you teach younger students (or have younger kiddos) you can purchase a Mega Blocks play plate and a larger TROFAST bin to keep your larger blocks in.

So there you have it. A happy 4 year old. A happy mama. A happy wallet...and LEGO creations galore! What more can you ask for! Inspired?!


  1. Pinned! Nice and neat and thank you so much for giving the exact items and shops!

  2. Great idea - plan to make one for my son this week. Thanks for the specifics and the inspiration!

  3. Thanks for the idea! My kids have just gotten into Legos and they are everywhere!! Just FYI - I did find 10x10 playmats for $4.99 each at Toys R Us. So I should be able to fill the top with 4 of them. Making one this week!
    Thanks again!!

  4. I made a similar project. I posted about it to my blog I linked back to this post. Such an awesome project!

  5. any ideas i don't have an IKEA in my region to get trofast


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